Champagne Fleury Boléro Extra Brut 2009

Champagne Fleury Boléro Extra Brut 2009

Champagne, France
Pinot Noir

With the patina of ten years of bottle age, Boléro benefits from an exceptional aromatic complexity, with underlying notes of truffle, wet leaves and brioche. The palate is highlighted by creamy bubbles. A perfect pairing for festive dishes.


Organic France


Biodyvin Biodynamic


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Champagne Fleury

Champagne Fleury celebrated 125 years of winemaking in 2020. One of the first in the region to practice biodynamics starting in 1989, their champagne has a unique identity, maintaining tradition while crafting new wines. As their poetic surname suggests, Fleury works in harmony with nature with a commitment to the environment.

Côte des Bar
Champagne Fleury


Champagne Fleury

Vineyard area

15.00 hectares

37.07 acres

43 Grande Rue10250, Courteron, France

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