Champagne De Sousa 3A Grand Cru Extra Brut NV

Champagne De Sousa 3A Grand Cru Extra Brut NV

Champagne, France
50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir

The finesse of Chardonnay and the generosity of Pinot Noir blend perfectly in this structured champagne. It opens with vinous notes of red fruits and concludes with a spicy touch, reminiscent of the partial aging in oak barrels. The finish is long and concentrated.


Organic France


Demeter Biodynamic


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Champagne De Sousa

The founding father of the house, Manuel De Sousa, immigrated from Portugal to Champagne to fight with the Allies during WWI, firmly planting his roots in the years after the Great War. Today, the De Sousas make champagnes that are a pure reflection of the next generation: expressive and full of energy.

Family Business
Champagne De Sousa


Champagne De Sousa

Vineyard area

15.00 hectares

37.07 acres

12 Place Léon Bourgeois51190, Avize, France

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