Vignoble des 2 Lunes

Vignoble des 2 Lunes

Family business
Biodynamic wines
The story of Le Vignoble des 2 Lunes is the story of sisters Cécile and Amélie Buecher, the first generation of women after 7 generations of men to run the domaine and further their family's dedication to organic and biodynamic viticulture. Their secret family recipe? Harmony with the cosmos, passion, patience, originality, and a bit of madness.

Organic France


Demeter Biodynamic

Meet the Winemaker

After health issues in the family, Cécile and Amélie’s father decided to stop the use of chemical products in the late 90s. After taking over in 2009, the sisters raised the biodynamic bar and now make their own compost, plough the land with horses and make wine according to the lunar cycle.
In the Vineyard & Cellar

For Cécile and Amélie, everything revolves around the cosmos. They follow the biodynamic calendar, ensuring that treatments, pruning, harvest and all viticultural activity occur on the ideal days. Grapes are sorted by hand and pressed slowly and gently to ensure as much extraction of aromas as possible. Maturation occurs in casks or stainless steel vats according to the personality of each wine. This careful treatment, combined with savoir-faire passed down through generations, results in natural wines with a sense of terroir and finesse.


Vignoble des 2 Lunes


Vignoble des 2 Lunes

Vineyard area

14.00 hectares

34.59 acres

21 rue Sainte-Gertrude68920, Wettolsheim, France

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