Domaine Ogereau

Domaine Ogereau

family business
Quarts-de-Chaume Grand Cru
A child of the vines and son of one of Anjou’s top winemakers, Emmanuel Ogereau is a symbol of the wine revolution taking place in the Loire Valley.

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Meet the Winemaker

Catherine and Vincent Ogereau passed the baton to their son Emmanuel in 2014. Emmanuel was born and raised in the vineyard and works with the same rigor and precision as his father and grandfather. He's a major advocate for getting official cru recognition for dry wines made from Chenin Blanc.
In the Vineyard & Cellar

At Domaine Ogereau, respect for the soil drives winemaking. They favor low yields and optimal grape maturity. Some of their vines date to 1920. From his diverse plots, Emmanuel produces a range of wines with unique profiles and varying levels of sweetness. His best plots are on slopes or near the Layon river. He produces the only grand cru in Loire, Quarts-de-Chaume. His wines are inspired by the geography and myriad soils: schist, sandstone, volcanic, aeolian sands, and more.


Domaine Ogereau


Domaine Ogereau

Vineyard area

20.00 hectares

49.42 acres

44 Rue de la Belle Angevine49750, Val-du-Layon, France

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