Domaine Jo Landron

Domaine Jo Landron

Melon B
Jo Landron’s iconic mustache has become synonymous with the Muscadet wines from his domaine. He’s a colorful character with an eternal smile, but he’s stone-cold serious when it comes to capturing the full diversity of the terroir in his wines.

Organic Europe


Biodyvin Biodynamic

Meet the Winemaker

Jo comes from a family of six and started working with his father at the winery at an early age. He pioneered individual plot vinification techniques in the 80s in a quest for complexity and quickly became a biodynamic enthusiast. The mustachioed Muscadet wonder is an inspiration to many winemakers.
In the Vineyard & Cellar

Jo believes Muscadet wine must reflect the minerality of the soils. For him, only organic farming allows full, honest expression of the land. Passionate about terroir, he works each plot separately and produces cuvées that showcase local diversity. The soil compositions Amphibolite, orthogneiss and quartz, and clay and sand amplify the Melon B variety. In the cellar, long aging on lees gives the wine freshness, complexity and depth that reach perfection after a few years in the bottle.


Domaine Jo Landron


Domaine Jo Landron

Vineyard area

48.00 hectares

118.61 acres

3 Impasse du Fief du Breil, La Haye-Fouassiere44690, France

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