Domaine Achillée

Domaine Achillée

In 2016 the sons of Yves Dietrich, Pierre and Jean, took over the plots cultivated by their father for a cooperative and created an independent family estate. "Achillée" comes from Achillée Millefeuille, a flower used in biodynamic viticulture that spreads the sun's rays equitably. It's in this egalitarian spirit that Domaine Achillée is managed.

Demeter Biodynamic

Meet the winemaker

Jean, Pierre and Yves work hand in hand to create unique expressions of traditional grape varieties. Yves continues to help his sons with his years of experience in viticulture. Jean, with a background in viticulture and oenology, is in charge of vinification and Pierre is in charge of sales.
In the Vineyard & Cellar

The vines of Domaine Achillée have been cultivated organically since 1999 and biodynamically since 2003. Their goal is to have a minimal impact on the environment, so they keep their interventions in the cellar also to a minimum. They also constructed a biocimatic cellar from straw and wood, the largest building of its kind in Europe, to support this philosophy. They like to say they accompany the wine but allow it to express itself naturally.


Domaine Achillée


Domaine Achillée

Vineyard area

18.00 hectares

44.48 acres

50 Rue de Dambach, Scherwiller67750, France

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