Château de Côme

Château de Côme

When Baron Maurice Velge arrived from Belgium and stumbled upon Château de Côme, it was little more than an abandoned building with two hectares of vines that were leased to nearby winemakers. The estate has since received high praises for its wines and became the first certified organic estate in Saint-Estèphe.

Organic France

Meet the Winemaker

Baron Velge strived to break away from the traditional Saint-Estèphe-style with his Château de Côme wines. He took care of every meticulous detail and paid particular attention to the vineyards in order to produce wines he described as elegant and fleshy. 
In the Vineyard & Cellar

Château de Côme’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vines grow in soil composed mainly of clay and limestone. Decisions are based on what the team observes in the vineyard. Most work is done by hand, including soil nutrition, plowing, pruning and non-chemical treatments. Two weeks before the expected harvest date, they analyze the grapes. If sufficiently ripe, the manual harvest begins. After vinification, the wine ferments in cement vats, ensuring optimal extraction of aromas, tannins and color.


Château de Côme


Château de Côme

Vineyard area

7.00 hectares

17.30 acres

Les Pradines-Nord33180, Saint-Estèphe, France

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