Château Bellegrave

Château Bellegrave

Jean-Marie Bouldy is a trailblazer in producing organic wines in Bordeaux's Pomerol. In a region where tradition often triumphs, Château Bellegrave’s holistic approach to winemaking has earned accolades and become a model for sustainability.

Organic France

Meet the Winemaker

Château Bellegrave has been in the Bouldy family for generations. Jean-Marie took over the estate in 1980 joined by his wife Pascale in 1995. Their daughter Aurélie started working there in 2014, and their son Jean-Baptiste in 2015.
In the Vineyard & Cellar

Château Bellegrave's vineyard is 8.5 hectares in the southwest of Pomerol. The soil has pebbly gravel, clay and sand, with sublayers rich in iron oxide, known as "crasse de fer." Jean-Marie feels organic farming yields grapes so healthy and flavorful that minimum intervention is needed to produce high-quality wine. After harvesting by hand, the lightly-crushed grapes are left to ferment naturally and macerate in temperature-controlled vats. The wine then ages for about 20 months in oak from the Tronçais forest.


Château Bellegrave


Château Bellegrave

Vineyard area

8.50 hectares

21.00 acres

Chemin de René33500, Pomerol, France

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