Champagne Fleury

Champagne Fleury

Côte des Bar
Champagne Fleury celebrated 125 years of winemaking in 2020. One of the first in the region to practice biodynamics starting in 1989, their champagne has a unique identity, maintaining tradition while crafting new wines. As their poetic surname suggests, Fleury works in harmony with nature with a commitment to the environment.

Biodyvin Biodynamic


Organic France

Meet the Winemaker

Jean-Pierre Fleury wanted to be an astronomer but had to go to work in the family vineyard. He was drawn to biodynamics and the intersection of winemaking, the cosmos and care for the environment. Today, his three children Morgane, Benoît and Jean-Sébastien run the estate with Jean-Pierre.
In the Vineyard & Cellar

In the vineyard, Benoît applies biodynamic principles learned from his father. He aims at improving soil life and biodiversity and transmitting that to the taste of Fleury wines. The family grows multiple varieties allowed in Champagne, including Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. In the cellar, they use indigenous yeast and reduce the use of sulfites and the impact of oak to create pure and expressive champagne. Older vintages demonstrate the unique personality of Fleury and its terroirs.


Champagne Fleury


Champagne Fleury

Vineyard area

15.00 hectares

37.07 acres

43 Grande Rue10250, Courteron, France

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