Ask a Wine Advisor: Charles Bonnay

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Ask a Wine Advisor: Charles Bonnay


For his 18th birthday, Charles was given a three-day wine masterclass in Paris. “Once I started learning, my thirst for knowledge only grew,” he says. Since then, his passion has taken him from Bordeaux to Argentina and across South America. “Traveling has opened my eyes to the diversity of styles that exist in the world while increasing my passion for sharing and learning,” he says. We sat down with Charles to ask him about his favorite wine region, his definition of a perfect wine, and where he sees the industry going. Read on.

How did you get into wine?

I’ve always been a lover of great food, especially French cuisine, and to be an epicurean you have to appreciate wine. I always say that food without wine is a corpse and wine without food is a ghost. Once I was old enough to properly start learning about wine, my curiosity took over. As long as I continue learning and sharing, I’ll never grow tired of it!

You studied wine in Bordeaux. What inspired you to travel to South America?

I wanted to open my mind, both personally and professionally. As a Spanish speaker, I was able to interact with locals and learn about their culture. The experience of living in Argentina and traveling throughout South America made me realize just how expansive the world of wine really is and how many different varieties are out there.

If you could live in any wine region, which would it be and why?

I would love to live in Piemonte, in northern Italy. I have family there, and the region is unrivaled when it comes to the diversity of wine production. The local wines have great character and potential for aging. The small villages are so picturesque, and the food is amazing.

What’s your definition of a beautiful wine?

A wine is beautiful when it’s well-made and enjoyed at the right moment, with the right people. It’s important to learn about wine so you can choose bottles with confidence.

Speaking of which, what drew you to VIVANT?

VIVANT makes learning about wine fun and dynamic. It encourages members to develop their skills and think for themselves. It also raises awareness of sustainable winemaking, which I believe is the direction the industry is headed.

Tell us more.

In the future, sustainable methods will be the norm. Many top winemaking regions have already made the switch to biodynamic or organic practices. And with climate change, sustainable winemaking will take on greater urgency than ever before. From a consumer standpoint, low-intervention wines tend to have fruitier and more vibrant profiles. These wines express the terroir and vintage in a purer way.

Check out Charles’ profile page to view his favorite wines and save your spot in one of his upcoming Live Experiences.


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