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Celebrate milestones, reward your team for completing that big project, or let your customers know how much you appreciate them.

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Travel the world of wine with your team in our virtual wine experiences.

Social Hour
$95 / person
Team adventure
$125 / person
Executive getaway
$150 / person

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Murray Baum
Murray Baum
EMEA Area Vice President
Murray Baum
EMEA Area Vice President
Sofia Ferrario
Sofia Ferrario
Community Associate
Sofia Ferrario
Community Associate

Why your team will love VIVANT

A gift that shows you care

Our tasting kits not only taste great but look great too. Your team will receive a valuable gift box they will likely keep around.

Fun for everyone

No wine knowledge or expertise is required. Our wine advisors will guide your team every step of the way and answer any questions they have

Rewarding and interactive

Instead of passively listening, your team will participate in quizzes and tasting games, earning points and badges along the way.
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