Wine Tasting Essentials
30 min
30 min
Enjoy wine on a whole new level when you know more about it. Learn to taste and assess wine like a pro with our innovative Interactive Tasting Method. Our expert wine advisor helps you build your tasting skills and hone your palate.

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Look Inside

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Wine #1: Alsace White
8 min
Wine #2: Burgundy White
7 min
Wine #3 Loire Valley Red
10 min
Wine #4 Bordeaux Red
3 min
Wrap Up

Tasting Kit

Experiences are always better with the wine. Get the Wine Tasting Essentials Tasting Kit.
Wine Tasting Essentials Tasting Kit

What you'll learn

  • How to describe any wine

  • Train your senses

  • Key components of assessing a wine

  • Vocabulary of wine smells, tastes and texture

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