Stephanie Lewis-Degan

Stephanie Lewis-Degan

February 5, 2021  |  2 mins read
Wine Education

Simone 2018: The science and art behind Château de Pommard’s rarest wine

Each year, Château de Pommard produces less than 1,800 bottles of Simone, its rarest cuvée, available on allocation only. Now for the first time, VIVANT members have the opportunity to taste this remarkable wine with a new Tasting Kit containing six tasting tubes of Simone 2018 and a dedicated Live Experience, “Simone 2018: The Soul of Clos Marey-Monge.”

Born from a tiny marvel of a Burgundy plot measuring just a little more than half a hectare, the magic of Château de Pommard’s Simone is a combination of perfectly aligned factors. As Château de Pommard winemaker Emmanuel Sala says, “We were amazed when we found out that Simone’s soil holds Burgundy’s record for the highest internal surface of clay. Simone is living proof that Mother Nature provides us all the ingredients we need to produce exceptional wines.” With a distinctive soil composition and meticulous winemaking techniques, this exceptional wine is an unparalleled example. 

The new VIVANT Live Experience is the very first to focus on a single wine, diving deep into the elements that influence the elegance, intensity and structure of this acclaimed Pinot Noir. Emmanuel guides you through his nature-focused approach to producing fine wines and tells the story of converting the Clos Marey-Monge to biodynamic practices, a journey that started with Simone.

A wine with a cause

Simone is an exceptional wine also because Château de Pommard donates 10% of the annual profits to women-led causes. The initiative, the Simone Awards, celebrates and supports women committed to making a difference in the world around them. Meet some of the 2020 winners and learn about their causes over at the Simone Awards page.

The VIVANT experience dedicated to Simone 2018 also features Tanisha Townsend (Girl Meets Glass), an American wine educator based in Paris and the ambassador of the 2021 Simone Awards. Tanisha shares her tasting notes and thoughts on the cuvée.

Tanisha Townsend, 2021 Simone Awards Ambassador.

Featuring Simone 2018 on VIVANT is Emmanuel Sala’s dream come true. “As a winemaker, I am so happy many people who normally would not have the chance to taste Simone can now explore her beauty and learn how the world’s best wines are born,” he confesses. “VIVANT is democratizing wine.”

Learn more about the Simone Experience and save your spot in an upcoming Live Experience. Tasting Kits are available in very limited quantities, so don’t miss your opportunity to taste this extraordinary wine.