Wines for Winter: What We’re Drinking
Jacob Cigainero

Jacob Cigainero

Dec 18, 2020 | 4 mins read
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Wines for Winter: What We’re Drinking

Jean-Sébastien Fleury of Champagne Fleury
Jean-Sébastien Fleury of Champagne Fleury.

Whether you’re planning a holiday meal with family, a small gathering with friends, or just getting cozy at home this winter, we have a wine for you. We asked a few VIVANTs what they’re drinking this season and how to pair it. Share your own winter wine picks and pairings in the comments below.

Marie-Charlotte Bernard, Experience Producer

Marie-Charlotte is the experience producer bringing you Live Experiences™ from Bordeaux and Champagne, as well as Alsace launching in January 2021. She previously worked at the notable Champagne houses Leclerc-Briant and Perrier-Jouët, so she knows bubbly. No surprise she picked the sparkling wine to sip this season.

Winter Wine Pick: Champagne Fleury Boléro Extra Brut 2009

This is a structured champagne, 100% Pinot Noir, and needs a little time to reveal itself and offer all its complexity. So you’ll want to open this one and see how it evolves. It combines freshness and roundness, has fruity and spicy aromas, and a pleasant saline minerality.

Rich and complex, like the work composer Maurice Ravel, which inspired it.

Pairing: This champagne would be the perfect accompaniment to grilled scallops, or poultry and porcini mushrooms. But my favorite pairing is a creamy Saint-Félicien cheese. The perfect comfort combo for cold winter days.

Kateryna Dobbert, Wine Advisor

Haven’t met Kateryna in a Live Experience yet? What are you waiting for? Go save your spot in an upcoming session with her. Conversations with Kateryna about wine venture into the poetic and bring a fresh perspective. You are guaranteed to have a good time learning about wine and tasting with her.

Winter Wine Pick: Antoine Lienhardt Emphase 2018

This Burgundy Pinot Noir is incredibly pleasant with divine aromas and a generous energy. It gently but persistently plays with your palette, always leaving you wanting just one more sip.

Pairing: This is a wine for honest conversations. There’s something in it that gives you the necessary push to open up and share. Maybe a feeling that you didn’t quite find the courage to share before, maybe a moment of silence where no words are needed, or maybe kind words for someone who needs to hear them. So light the candles, get a cozy blanket and invite a special friend to share this bottle and a good talk.

Oriane Derville, Wine Partner Manager

Oriane knows wine, and she can tell you all about the winemaker behind the bottle. She and the rest of the wine partners team find all the responsible producers featured in VIVANT Live Experiences. Oriane always has a suggestion for an organic or biodynamic wine from a cool winemaker you should know.

Winter Wine Pick: Sancerre Blanc Nuance 2018 from Domaine Vincent Pinard

This is a great expression of Sancerre’s chalky terroir and Sauvignon Blanc, reflecting a lively vibrancy and salinity typical of this region in the Loire Valley. 

Pairing: A plate of goat cheeses, ideally from the Loire. Share this wine with friends while listening to Bruce Springsteen’s new album.

Rock on, Oriane.

Romain Ballet, Video Production

Romain is a filmmaker and cinema buff who grew up in a wine-loving family. He and the team bring the winemakers into your home with the stunning immersive videos in VIVANT Live Experiences. Romain always has a recommendation for a must-see movie and an interesting wine.

Winter Wine Pick: Hors Sujet 2018 by Philippe Gilbert

Orange wines have been trendy over the last few years, but I’ve never really fallen in love with them until this one. It’s delicate and subtle with just the right amount of bitterness. A complex wine that’s really easy to drink.

Pairing: As an alternative to the “big” meals and “big” wines of the festive period, enjoy this as a simple “apéro,” the French nickname for apéritif, with friends and family around a nice cheese board.

Katie Melchior, Global Social Media & Influencer Relations Manager 

Katie is the social media strategist behind all the posts you see on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages (don’t forget to follow us there!). A life-changing year teaching English in the Loire Valley is what really sparked her curiosity about wine, so we’re not surprised Saumur-Champigny is her go-to.

Winter Wine Pick: Terres Chaudes 2019 by Domaine des Roches Neuves

When I was a toddler, I loved running over to my neighbor’s garden, where I would sneak a green pepper off the stem and eat it raw. I still enjoy those green pepper and grass notes, which is why I love Cabernet Franc so much. This Saumur-Champigny is one of the best in the category, with a beautiful balance between dark red fruits, soft florals, and of course, a hint of green pepper.

Pairing: I’m a vegetarian, so I try to think a bit more creatively with red wine pairings. This one would go great with a mushroom risotto or a meatless lasagna.

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