Stephanie Roush

Stephanie Roush

February 1, 2021  |  1 min read
Food & Wine

Essentials of Food & Wine Pairing: Elevating food with responsibly produced wines

Great food is nothing without great wine. Or is it the other way around? Decide for yourself on VIVANT with an exclusive new series dedicated to the art and science of food and wine pairing. And this is just the beginning. Starting with this foundational experience, we’ll regularly release new food and wine experiences that will excite your palate and immerse you in the world of food and wine.

“Essentials of Food & Wine Pairing” is a deep dive into the world of taste and pairs six unique responsibly-made wines with the six different taste sensations. Our expert wine advisors guide you through pairings with salty, sour, bitter, umami, fat and sweet, and match each taste to a wine that’s emblematic of a whole category of wines (think: big, bold red, off-dry white, etc.). During the 35-minute session, you’ll taste wines from VIVANT partner producers in Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Loire. 

Discover the world of taste sensations and how different food and wine interact using our curated Tasting Kit and a list of easy do-it-yourself food items such as pantry staples like parmesan, vinegar, and jam.

You’ll see how the taste of Isabelle and Denis Pommier’s Petit Chablis Hautérivien 2018 can be transformed by a simple potato chip, or how Château Haut-Bages Libéral’s Pauillac 2016 paired with a creamy, soft cheese can create a moment of near nirvana.

A New Adventure in Food & Wine

With this experience, VIVANT officially steps into the vast and fascinating playground of food and wine. From the art of creating a crowd-pleasing cheese board to the distinct flavors of world cuisines, we will continue to unlock the doors to experiencing VIVANT wines in a whole new way, and give you the keys to make your own pairing rules. 

In experiences to come, we’ll introduce you to some of the most interesting chefs, cheesemakers, and movers-and-shakers in food, highlighting the best stories and pairings along the way.

Ready to dig in? Kick-off this new chapter in VIVANT experiences with us and take your pairing game to the next level by saving your spot and getting the Tasting Kit for Essentials of Food & Wine Pairing.