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Welcome to the future of wine

News  /  Dec 14  /  BY Michael Baum

Welcome to the future of wine

by Michael Baum

We are thrilled to share with the world VIVANT, the first interactive platform connecting responsible winemakers, consumers and expert wine advisors in streaming Live Experiences. VIVANT blends engaging interaction, personalized education and lively entertainment to transport you to iconic wine regions around the world.

VIVANT is more than two years in the making, inspired by our transformation of Château de Pommard, the 300-year-old domain in Burgundy. In 2015 our family started working in biodynamic viticulture, and we’ve seen our wines become more aromatic, flavorful and energetic. They just tasted better. We wondered, is it just us? Are we biased toward our wines? We did some research and learned there's compelling evidence on a large scale that responsibly made wines do taste better. 1

"The change to natural agriculture has also changed our lives and made clear our mission for the future to accelerate the wine world’s transition to a sustainable future."

Meeting other responsible winemakers, we learned all of us have the same problem. The wine industry today is dominated by large players who are growing grapes and making wine conventionally. Less than 3% of the world's wines are made responsibly.2 The industry wants to mass-produce wine at the expense of the taste, our health and the planet. The resulting product just doesn’t represent the potential of the grape and the terroir. Responsible winemakers just don’t have a voice.

"The goal of VIVANT is to amplify these voices, show consumers naturally produced wines taste better, and build a global wine community committed to a better way."

We are redefining how people learn about wine and supporting a more sustainable future for the industry, featuring the world’s best tasting wines from winemakers practicing sustainable, organic and biodynamic viticulture. That means no artificial pesticides, herbicides or manipulation of the winemaking process. The grape expresses itself naturally.

On the platform, expert wine advisors connect you with trailblazing winemakers dedicating their lives to making wine responsibly. With our Experience Kits, you can taste and assess the wines featured in each experience, using a convenient format that we ship globally.

With our groundbreaking Interactive Tasting Method, you can really learn how to taste with a hands-on system that leads you through all the steps to professionally assess a wine. When you better understand your wine, you enjoy it more. You can even compare your results to our expert wine advisors' profiles for each wine. Think you know more about Chenin Blanc than the rest of us? Earn Wine IQ and Tasting Points as you test your knowledge and improve your skills while having fun competing with other members.

Perhaps best of all, we are making VIVANT's expert wine advisors who host all our sessions, available to our members anytime to answer questions about wine and share their wine recommendations. All the wines you taste in the experiences are available for purchase and shipment worldwide directly from your personal page at VIVANT.

We launch with three French wine regions – Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Loire – and experiences from Champagne will be available starting December 20. New experiences, producers and wines will be added regularly, and in 2021, VIVANT will transport you to wine regions in Italy, Germany, Spain and beyond.

Our ambition is to recreate the magic of wine experiences without the carbon footprint of stepping on an airplane. The diversity and talents of our international team have made this all possible.

Our team of wine educators, product designers, software engineers and media producers love wine, care about our health and want there to be some earth left for the next generation.

VIVANT is committed to a sustainable future, and we’re using our business and our voices to make it happen. This is why we created the initiative 1% For Wine. One percent of your membership subscription, Experience Kit and Wine purchases go to funding innovative new ideas and research making a positive impact on a sustainable future for wine.

We don’t have all the answers, but we are working tirelessly to find solutions.

I invite you to join the movement, and together we will taste, learn and enjoy.

Michael Baum is the Founder and CEO of VIVANT.

1. "Does Organic Wine Taste Better? An Analysis of Experts' Ratings," Magali A. Delmas, Olivier Gergaud, and Jinghui Lim, Journal of Wine Economics, Volume 11, Number 3, 2016

2. "Organic Wine Report 2013-2023," The IWSR, February 2017

Michael Baum

Michael Baum


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