Robin Dominique - Wine Advisor

Meet Robin

Every bottle of wine is a time capsule that captures a piece of the land, culture and labor of love that went into making it. Are you curious? Let’s pop a cork together.
Tell us about your favorite wine trip.

While I was living in South Africa I had the chance to do a wine road trip and visit a lot of local wineries. The landscapes are incredible and the wine tourism is on point there. I tasted so many great wines that will stay in my memory forever !

Tell us about your most memorable wine moment?

In South Africa, we had a wonderful wine tasting on the top of a hill in front of one of the most incredible sunsets I have ever seen. Tasting Chenin has never been the same since then.

"Wine is not just an object of pleasure, but an object of knowledge; and the pleasure depends on the knowledge."

Roger Scruton
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