Michael Baum - Wine Advisor

Meet Michael

Ever since I traveled to Europe with my wife Julie, I've been in love with the tastes, places, and stories about wine. But I've also learned the wine industry is a long way from being sustainable. I consider it our responsibility to change the industry.
Why do you say the wine industry is unsustainable?

Most of the wine produced and consumed today is unsustainable. Grapes are grown using conventional methods with herbicides, pesticides, and farming practices destroying our planet. Less than 3% of winemakers are using sustainable, organic, and biodynamic practices.

What are you doing to help?

Our goal is to create a voice for responsible producers and show consumers these wines are better tasting, better for our health, and better for our planet.

"A magnum is the perfect size for two people to share over lunch... especially if one of them isn't drinking"

Winston Churchill
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