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Meet Daniela

You're the happiest when you're the most present, and I think you can achieve that with a great bottle. Let's uncork the magic of the moment together.
What’s the bottle that got you into wine?

A bottle that nearly stopped my heart was a natural Syrah by Hervé Souhaut in the Rhône Valley. It was peppery, floral and earthy. I was intrigued that anything could smell so amazing. My love affair with the Rhône began that evening.

Tell us about your favorite wine trip.

During a trip to Italy taken on a whim, my mother and I ended up at the castle of a baron in Chianti. True story: he invited us to sit in his ornate drawing room while his butler brought us wine... and Cheetos. He was enamored with American snack foods.

"Wine is sunlight, held together by water."

Galileo Galilei
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