Allye Spencer - Wine Advisor

Meet Allye

I enjoy drinking organic and biodynamic wines, not only because it's good for our future, but also because the wines simply taste better.
What’s your favorite food and wine pairing and why?

Muscadet and oysters. Nothing beats a high acid, mineral, lemony Muscadet paired with a freshly shucked, briny oyster. The duo is a classic pairing that I dream about in my sleep. Add a little fresh bread and butter, and call it a life!

Tell us about your most memorable wine moment?

One evening at my in-laws' winery in the Loire Valley, my father-in-law brought out a bottle of Folle Blanche brandy made in the 1800's by my husband’s great-great-grandfather. Watching father and son share this glass and moment was poetic.

"Too much of anything is bad, but too much of Champagne is just right."

F. Scott Fitzgerald
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